Find Your Next Client With Our Performance Based Done-For-You Cold Outreach System

Unlock A New Marketing Cannel To Drive Predictable Deal Flow Using An Automated Cold Email System.

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Save time.
Sell More.

We do the tough work, so you can focus on your best work.

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Delegate Your Outreach Efforts

Let us handle finding new clients for you. Our complete service continuously brings you new leads, helping you save money and boost sales.

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Explore Untapped Markets

Find new clients outside your usual network. Grow your business by moving into new areas and reaching out to people you've never talked to before.

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Achieve Sales Goals Efficiently

Streamline your sales process by focusing on closing deals, not finding them. We deliver qualified leads directly to your team. Concentrate on selling effectively.

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Auctus Capital Partners

How we added 30-50 qualified companies to Auctus Capital Partner's pipeline within a couple months

Auctus Capital Partners, an investment banking firm, struggled with scaling their lead generation due to manual outreach efforts. Partnering with Inflowify significantly improved their process, increasing outreach from 1,000 to over 10,000 contacts monthly. This automation enhanced follow-ups and tracking, resulting in 30 to 50 highly qualified leads and better pipeline growth. The collaboration allowed Auctus Capital to engage with more potential clients efficiently and build long-term relationships in their industry.

Upward Engine

How we generated a firm $85,000+ within 90 days

Before Working With Inflowify, Toby had worked with 2 lead generation agencies prior to us. The first one provided zero results, and was "garbage", the second one gave the company a bad reputation with the messaging they sent to prospects. Since working with Inflowify, we have been able to provide consistent lead-flow which lead to multiple deals closed for SEO Werkz within 90 days of working together. ‍

Case Study

How we generated an Investment Bank 120 qualified companies looking to transact for $8-9 figures.

A large investment bank has found an additional channel for deal flow that is sustainable & predictable. Bringing in multiple clients that are looking to raise capital / sell their company for $8-9 figures.

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Investment Banks
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"Successful Lead Generation Campaign"

"Inflowify helped us run a lead generation campaign that resulted in 50+ high-value leads in just two weeks. We have a very long sales cycle, and business development is the most difficult part of our business. Partnering with Inflowify was a great decision and we will plan to make this a long-term partnership.

Inflowify has advanced knowledge of email deliverability and engagement optimization. They were able to share knowledge that we would have never been able to learn ourselves using publicly available information. They use the best tools available for mass email campaigns and are constantly working on automating and optimizing their processes."

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Jack Fecteau

K2 Securities
Its Simple

This is how our process works

We do the work of 10 SDR's (Sales Development Representatives) while being cheaper than 1 SDR.

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Step 1

Fill Out Onboarding Form

Once the proposal is signed, we will provide you with an onboarding form to complete. This will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of both you and your business.

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Step 2

Schedule Kick-Off Call

Our team will review your onboarding form during a call with you to develop an initial campaign strategy.

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Step 3

Pre-Launch Setup

We will utilize the information obtained from the kickoff call to organize your inboxes, construct your lead list, and formulate your campaign cadence.

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Step 4

Campaign Launch

Once the campaign & lead list have received your approval, our team will proceed to launch your campaign.

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Step 5

Qualified Meetings Sent To Your Calendar

After identifying a qualified lead, we'll have them book on your calendar & send you any information regarding the lead.

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Step 6

Campaign Optimization

In addition to weekly reports, our team will conduct a monthly check-in call to discuss recommended modifications aimed to enhance campaign performance.

You have questions, we have answers.


What makes Inflowify different from other lead generation agencies?
Inflowify stands out in lead generation, combining hands-on experience and solid results. Led by our founder, Jake Romero, with a history of substantial digital sales, we've helped over 50+ companies with cold outreach. Our approach goes beyond just generating leads; we're committed to driving meaningful growth and lasting success for your business.
How long does it take to start seeing results?
Typically, our clients start seeing results within the first few days of campaigns launching. Although, you will see peak performance of interested lead volume in the 3-4 month mark.
What's the pricing?
Our pricing model is designed to be flexible and tailored to the specific needs and scale of your business. We recognize the importance of creating a mutually beneficial relationship, ensuring that the value you gain from our services significantly exceeds the investment you make. This approach fosters a win/win partnership, where our success is directly aligned with your business growth and profitability.
Do you offer refunds?
Our guarantee is that if we don't bring you 5 qualified leads within 30 days of campaigns being launched, you won't get invoiced for that month.
Is your marketing compliant with relevant laws?
At Inflowify, we prioritize not only the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns but also their strict adherence to legal standards. Our strategies are fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act and other relevant laws, ensuring that we navigate the complex landscape of marketing regulations with the utmost care.

We understand that compliance requirements can vary depending on the nature of your business or service. Should you have a compliance team, we are well-equipped to collaborate closely with them. During our introductory meeting, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of our compliance processes and how we tailor them to meet the specific legal requirements of your business."

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